Italian Weekend Getaways (15 great ideas)

Long Weekends in Italy

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I imagine you must know this about me by now- I prefer slow travel. Longer stays in one place are more my speed, but while living in Italy we became masters of the long weekend trip. Whenever the kids had a long weekend off from school (which was often) we jumped on a train or plane or hopped in the car to go exploring in Italy, Switzerland, England, Turkey, Austria and more. I know. It’s absolutely nutty.

Today I’m sharing a brief look at some of our favorite long weekends in Italy- arranged in alphabetical order to be fair.

Just know you could easily spend a whole week or more in each of these destinations!  (Of course, there are a zillion more options than this- I’ve barely scratched the surface of Italy with this list- but these are 15 favorites we would return to again and again.)

My personal favorites? Siracusa. Assisi. Rome. Turin.


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