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Hey foodie friend-

If you’ve been here awhile, you know we #traveltoeat- so most of our trips are planned completely around food. Eating what and where the locals eat is the best and easiest way to feel the pulse of the local culture. But if you are going to a new place, how do you keep track of the details and make sure there is room in your trip for all the delicious things you want to experience?

What if you could...

Research & plan out your culinary adventures before you even leave? 

Know what to eat in every region of Italy and learn how to navigate restaurants/menus?

Keep track of all the details and make sure you don’t waste a meal during your trip? 


the food & wine travel planning bundle

the ultimate partner for your gourmet travels

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Don't waste a meal!


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Hey, I'm Heather.

I’m the first to admit I plan all our trips around where and what we are going to eat. If this sounds like you too, then you will love this food & wine travel bundle, perfect for planning all your delicious adventures in Italy.

Taking a little bit of time to research & plan out what and where to eat before you go will help ensure that you don’t waste a meal!

Use this bundle to brainstorm and plan what you want to see, do, eat & experience. Learn about the food culture of Italy- including the 20 diverse regions and the foods they are known for, navigate restaurants & menus easily with our dining survival guide.

My favorite part? The dining & wine tasting notes. Embrace your inner food nerd and keep track of your favorite meals & details on these guided pages. 

Cheers to your delicious trip-


Get your foodie Travel planning bundle for only $19!

How great would it be to arrive in Italy knowing you have all your culinary dreams & plans organized?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Buon Appetito Travel Kit (28 pages of checklists/tips/guided lists and notes for planning your best food & wine trip)

Our Edible Italian Bucket List- a detailed guide of all 20 regions of Italy and what foods they specialize in, as well as food experiences to have no matter where you go in Italy.

Our expanded Italy Dining Survival guide, which will serve as a primer and cheatsheet for navigating restaurants, menus, making reservations & more.

The resources in this travel bundle are in PDF form designed to be used with your favorite PDF editor or printed & filled out. Some pages are meant to be printed multiple times depending on the length of your trip.

Forever! Download the kit to your computer, save to dropbox or google drive and use for multiple trips. We just ask that you only use it for personal use, do not sell or share our work. Grazie!

Please use this bundle only for your own trip, and do not sell or share our work. We’d be thrilled if you love it and want to tell people about it- you can direct them here, to find more about getting their own travel resources.

If you’re headed somewhere other than Italy, the Buon Appetito Kit is still perfect for you (and at the best price you’ll see) It can be used for travel anywhere, anytime!

I am such a food nerd, and wanted to share my method/templates & tips with other food loving travelers.

Not currently, but I’m researching the options! If you’re interested- please let me know and I will prioritize printing them as a booklet to fill out and take with you.

I love learning about a culture through it’s food- whether around the table or elbow deep in flour in the kitchen- And believe that our travel experiences can be deeply impacted by meeting the food & wine makers & getting a deeper glimpse of the culture through each meal.

Food & Wine Bundle (exp) 3

“Heather has a way of helping you narrow down the millions of options to just a few absolute gems. If she has recommended it, you know it will be special! She’s passionate about hunting down & sharing regional food specialties to help you get a deeper sense of a place.​”
– Trillium


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