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Heather Carlson

Italy Travel Advisor


Who am I?

I'm a full time Italy Travel Advisor that's been planning adventures in Italy for over 12 years. 

Before becoming an Italy travel planner, I lived in Italy with my husband, 2 kids & pups, traveling all over Italy from tip to toe.

Exploring the food, wine and culture of Italy is my passion & I've made it my mission to help curious travelers plan their own epic trips to Italy with the tips & connections I've made over the past decade.

What will you learn?

I've created this travel planning party to help you take your Italy dreams and turn them into an amazing plan!

Every day for 5 days I'll send you an email with actionable steps to create your dreamy Italy itinerary. 

We'll cover things like how to decide where to go, how to research places to stay & tours to take- as well as money saving tips, input on what to pack, deciding what things are worth splurging on and much more.

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